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Naomi Johnson - Lead Vocals / Tambourine

Described by Matt Ball (Alive Network Sound Engineer) as “one of the most powerful voices he’s worked with”, Naomi’s monumental vocals separate Switch from the rest of the pack. With sensational and accurate renditions of some of the most impressive vocal performances to date, Naomi’s “world class” vocal captures and keeps the audience's attention all night long. With over 10 years of performing under her belt, Naomi has crafted her performance into a versatile and captivating experience, whether it’s belting out huge ballads, beautifully sang soul or actionpacked rap, Naomi can do it all with ease. With influences including Lauryn Hill and Jill Scott, Naomi effortlessly lends her style to a soulful, RnB performance. Naomi never fails to deliver a fantastic show, providing the whole package - vocal, personality, confidence and attitude. All of these components are integral to a Switch show that you simply won’t forget!

Martin Robinson - Keys / Guitar / BVs 

With almost 20 years of musical experience under his belt, Martin is by far the most musically experienced member of Switch. His intricate details of playing the correct parts and finding the tones that resemble the original recordings are what sets Martin apart from his contemporaries. It's often the smallest details that might make your favourite song something really special and to Martin's veteran ears it's this authenticity that is most important. 

Coupled along with a professional musicianship degree in guitar and solid backing vocals, his versatility ensures that Switch can perform any song of your choosing. Martin's musical obsession and technical consistency are the undercurrents that facilitate a level of authenticity often absent in other function bands.

Matt Buckingham - Bass 

Locking in with Robbie’s air-tight drumming, Matt’s smooth bass lines will provide the foundation for a great evening of live music. Backing up his 13 years as a bassist is a first-class honours degree in Music Production from the British Institute of Modern Music in Bristol. Drawing from this technical background, Matt also works as a professional sound engineer across a range of Bristol venues and as an events manager for The MJR Group. These skills play a crucial role in Switch, ensuring that professional standards of live sound and event coordination are cornerstones of any function. With such a broad range of musical and management experience, you can be sure that a high quality product is delivered consistently and in effortless style, allowing you to relax and enjoy your evening.

James Merrett - Guitar / BVs 

Also a former student at the British Institute of Modern Music, James has honed his skill over the years drawing from a wide variety of different genres, ranging from Rock to Jazz-Fusion. This has allowed James to develop a wide and versatile style, delicately plucking through the soft RnB tracks, while providing the crunchy powerful tones necessary for the pop/rock tunes. With these textures, James finds it easy to emulate classic and modern guitar lines, perfectly filling out a Switch performance. James has had extensive experience improving his skills in function and cover bands, which all shine through in live and studio settings. His backing vocals perfectly support Naomi’s impressive vocal, moulding together well with keyboardist Martin. James always gives his all when playing live, further adding to the exciting and enjoyable experience that Switch provide, keeping you event rocking all night long.

Robbie Kessell - Drums 

Robbie’s dynamic drumming is the solid groove behind Switch’s awesome sound. After 12+ years of playing and studying at the prestigious British Institute of Modern Music in Bristol (achieving a firstclass honours degree) he has honed his craft and developed a unique and exciting style which keeps the energy high throughout the night. Robbie’s electronic setup allows the band to perform up-to-date chart material accurately, incorporating the integral elements of the songs that make them your favourite tunes. Robbie supplies the driving force behind the bands sound and provides the energy to keep the party going all night!

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